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43 Petals; With the Stars

... Don't leave.


Not you.

42 Petals; Gone

You know, my mom's gone.

41 Petals; Oddities

Everyone's stopped...


40 Petals; Mother's Day [Audio]

Moooooooooooom! Happy Mother's Day!

You're the best! I love you

[A small thud of two bodies colliding. Anna you may want to check your chest for a small blonde child.]

39 Petals; Hot Teen [Audio]

And just what in the hell is this supposed to be?

38 Petals; RABU!! [Audio]

Mooooooooooooooom! Auntie Hoshiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii! Jinx-neeeeeeeeeeeee! Where are yoooooooooou?!


Shu-nee! [Sounds of a hearty hug!] Shu-nee! I love you!

You wha-?

Have you seen Tiff-chan? Or Sandy-chan? Or Yu-chan? Or-

I hav-

Uncle Hana?

Lily-chan! [Another hug.] I love yooooou!

[Giggle] I love you tooooooo!

... Strange.

37 Petals; Birthday Girl! [Audio]

Yo! Yu-chan! Happy Birthday!

Yu! My Yu!

Ton-kun says Happy Birthday too!


36 Petals; OHSNAP! [Audio]


Hana-nii! You're being too loud!



[Just saw this post. Hana's not so good at handling this stuff.]

35 Petals; Black and Orange [Audio]

There's alot of orange everywhere. It's cool.

Shu-nee said she wanted to go to that celebration thingy coz she thinks it looks fun.

Do you guys wanna come with us? I'll be bringing Ton-kun too.

There's that dance thing too, girls like that, right? Dancing and stuff? We could go to that if you want, 'suppose. Ton-kun might get a little bored though, but I think I'll take him home by then.

That's okay, right Shu? If the others come?

34 Petals; Doesn't Sing [Audio]


... What... The hell was that?

I-I dunno!

I didn't know you sang.


Doesn't sound like it...


So... Was that about you or-?

I said SHUT UP!